Friday, July 29, 2011

almost 17 years after

we ran out of ideas on how to channel our energies. and this was the best solution we could think of at the time.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 - believe no nostradamus

until it was finally missing its lower half that i managed to capture and immortalize the image of this, legendary, t-shirt. 2011-1998=13. thirteen freakin years after?! we human only treasure something when it's gone, or lost, or when it's already too late ya.

salam maal hijrah and happy new greg year to all of us. we'll be 30 this year and on the first week of 2011, i'm urging myself and all of us to stay healthy. eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, consume more water and stay in good shape. the japs can live past 100 by leading a very healthy lifestyle in a very clean environment, we sure can too.

less talking, more money-making but pursue a realistic goal. love your significant other, family and friends and people around you. after all, you are the company that you keep.

just be yourself. read : be true to yourself.

Monday, September 27, 2010

seeking purity is a lifelong journey

Life 101 - Chapter III - Forgiveness
and when another ramadhan comes, it always will appear to be the right time for an assessment. assessment to identify and evaluate whether or not our actions and/or words were a tad too generic and a mere play-it-safe so that it will sound socially-acceptable to the audience.
or could we have crossed some lines again just to finally say that we were just trying to "be ourselves"?.

one can't simply get away with saying "i'm sorry" or "i wasn't thinking right" or other comforting excuses alike when the damage is done, can we? still, let us all offer forgiveness and bury the hatchet. and one shall live longer for the burden is no longer sitting on one's exhausted shoulder. nobody said about forgetting anything.

i don't always "read", let alone having a series of drafts, whatever i have written in this blog or anywhere. of late, i couldn't resist the temptation of not writing anything at all. it was neither right nor wrong but i just don't feel like it.

there is a certain disadvantage of having no drafts or proof-reading. sub-consciously, i could have frustrated, if not angered someone with something i wrote or did.

on a more serious note, i think there is a need to un-complicate matters. there is an urgent need to remove or cushion my choice of words. of course, especially those with negative connotations as it always has been. most close friends would know how at times i could be your much-hated sarcastic bastard and self-centered and almost heartless.

so now i'm taking this not-so-rare-opportunity-actually to seek forgiveness, renew old ties and reconcile severed relationships (the latter i'm very sure hasn't happened yet) with all of my friends.

dear friends, please forgive me. selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

good music won't make you sick

jas >>> we did the same thing at rainforest years ago huh...haha..

Friday, April 09, 2010

discard the birthday card

the present i got myself for my birthday this year, the only present i have ever got myself actually, is the house keys. the keys were scheduled for weeks ago but due to some technicalities, i was only privileged with holding it for the first time yesterday. technicalities. i kind of like that word. even for the dumbest reason on the face of the dying planet, the word could save you, and your face as you get to walk away sounding substantially intelligent whilst successfully ruining someone else's plans or whatever.

the 29th birthday is just like the 28th and the year before that. and the year before that was something i'm not used to having it plastered on the walls of my mind.

wishes? i can't really say i do have any. but long story short, the keys made my day. the keys are the reason. and the keys are the beginning of something that has everything to do with being 29.

as hope is always a good thing, i do hope in the months to come that these keys will open up doors. not just the house doors but doors to endless opportunities and happiness and all the good things in the whole wide world.

break on through to the other side - jim morrison, the doors.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lido Beach, JB & Seattle, WA

this day in 1994, Kurt Cobain shot himself. when found three days later, he was wearing a pair of blue Converse One Star. that point aside, he was my hero and still is. and later in 2002, this very day the same world just couldn't be bothered with the death of Layne Staley, another hero of mine. hailed also from Seattle and fronted one of the biggest bands ever, , Alice In Chains (AIC), he had this unique style of singing and a distinctive voice alongside Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Layne Staley will always be remembered as one of the spokespersons of our generation.

i first heard "nutshell" from AIC via a true-blue fan and i was totally hooked. maybe teenage angst and rebellious nature were the dominant parts of everyone's lives during that time. like Kurt Cobain used to say when asked about depression and gloomy state of mind, "All of us thought we were going to die in a nuclear war or something".

we were pretty much occupied (or chose to be) with the sound of Seattle in the early 90's and the alternative music towards the end of that celebrated era.

i think Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots once admitted having no superhero of choice. Instead he said, rock stars are our superheroes.

we will listen to the music, trying to dwell in the imaginary world where we believe we could fit in perfectly whilst finding solace in solitude. very true indeed. well, at least for me. it is raining again here in JB and i'm spending my afternoon paying tribute to both.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


congratulations to Insp Suhaimi. it was a very beautiful saturday man. now that you are officially married, we shall have "TAKEN" banner posted on your page. and we shall also make ready the same for Jas and Shiz and err, Mr Khai?

the much-anticipated economic model from present PM's admin will be tabled soon (or did i miss it?). i don't really know what to expect out of it, except that it would perhaps in many possible ways aid me in acquiring a bmw 318ci. or an audi A4 turbo. that will be good too. (man, check out the A5 coupe, i'm literally drooling now!)

i'm not a male chauvinistic but on International Women's day every year, the issue of gender equality being brought up like the world as we know it will end without. it is not a bad thing still but who am i to question? maybe the reunion of spice girls has a lot of things to do with the comeback of "girl power" ideology. spicy!

Pos Malaysia Bhd is currently offering a rather interesting alternative to dispose your awkwardly-posed photos. you'll get like two dozens of your own stamps if i'm not mistaken for the price of twenty bucks. Mr and Miss Photogenic, get yourself in standby mode.

saw a banner which says "5oth Anniversary of SSI". in my whole five years and three months (i was doing lower six, during which many thought i have overstayed my welcome) there, frankly, i didn't even know that the school has existed since 1960. the beloved SSI (read : memorable experience) is half-century old my dear friends. are we celebrating Mr Khai?

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